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Handcrafted horror scene diorama 5 inches tall

Ghostface- living room tv on head scene with my own spin hand painted background of ghostface with hearts and lots of details in the living room scene

Freddy- school body bag scene unique little details- hand painted never sleep again Nancy in letters and lots of cool little bloody details

Beetlejuice- hand painted vines of flowers and Beetlejuice chilling by a pink tree, gravestone and sandworm in a field of flowers, vines and a little mushroom

Chucky-a nice little murderous scene with toys and blood as Chucky holds a bloody skeleton hand with friends till the end painted in background

Micheal-Brisk night of murder the scene is bloody yet green and the sky is hand painted blue and calls you in for a closer look

Pennywise- our beloved dancing clown is in the sewer he stole a arm and a boat we all know this scene hand painted in the background is we all float down here you’ll float too really cool details and a fun little clown we all love ❤️

Horror scene diorama 5 inches tall

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