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6 inch handcrafted dioramas ( plastic) with twisted horror designs from my deviant mind.. Depicting a Killmas or Christmas if you must.. Each scene is unique to whatever pops into my little crazy mind..mixed media used in each unique disturbing scene.. Lights up 3 settings (on bottom watch battery operated)

Jason- This Killmas he tried to stay a head of his urges near the frozen lake however he was a bad boy

Micheal- He’s home for the holidays will he be on his best behavior? Probably not!

Beetlejuice-He is always around just call him 3 times and trouble will follow

Jigsaw- He’s chilling this Killmas with his buddy death a fresh victim and his trusty saw!

Scream- Him and Samara are enjoying some reminiscing this Killmas about all their victims though the years…

Merry Killmas horror dioramas

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